Hawkwind Live Recordings
courtesy of Il Ratto Giallo
Thanks to Andy Garibaldi for the following info about the Electronica 83 recording:

The gig was the "UK Electronica '83", the first of many annual all-day electronic music festivals promoted and organised by Jeneatte and Dennis Emsley (as they were then) with assistance from myself and Mark Jenkins.

I was instrumental in getting Dave to play, and we specifically asked Dave not to do a Hawkwind set. In fact, the brief was that we wanted an electronic music set. There is a lot more to this story but for now, the vital bit is that, just before they went on stage, the whole electrical system went into overload (the technical details are somewhere else on the UK Electronica Saga on the internet or in my head), and they had no choice but to either abandon it or just improvise - so they improvised with absolutely no time to plan anything in advance as the problem occurred literally minutes before they were due to hit the stage.

I completely forget what we billed them as. I've got a nasty feeling that we used the "H" word somewhere but I'd have to look back at the programme and interviews and contracts to see (it definitely was NOT in Nik's name - he was added, after we spoke to Dave, by Dave; it started off as Dave, ended up as a band, and ended up as a dog's dinner - it was a real shame as it was a great idea that Dave was really looking forward to doing - our one chance to get them to do an electronic music set up in a pile of burnt wires!!

The copyright for the performances rested with the Emsleys (as they were then) but we did return all the original tapes of the event to the musicians and gave them permission to do what they wanted with it.

But I know Nessie (Jeanette) still and she wouldn't worry about this and so noone's breaking any infringement here unless the band weren't too happy about it.

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