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This is the list of recordings from bands related to Hawkwind. For Hawkwind recordings click here.
I've listed the gigs in chronological order. To see just the latest uploads click here.
Download Hawklords - Club 85, Hitchin 07/11/2014
275MB Bainbridge, Pearce, Richards, Shaw, Tree
This is from the Infinite Loop tour following the release of the third album, Censored. Hawklords are now a very different band to the group that first assembled in 2008. They play a few Hawkwind favourites, but the set list is mainly their own compositions. I went to the Chester gig of this tour and it was a really tight, well rehearsed and exciting gig!
Many thanks to Rockgod Marshy and Dan McAllister at The Hawkwind Bootleg Emporium for the recording.
Uploaded 07/11/2014
Download Hawklords - Irish Centre Leeds 19/02/2010
228MB Line up - Nik Turner / Ron Tree / Alan Davey / Jerry Richards / Harvey Bainbridge / Teve Swindells / Danny Thompson
An really excellent 2hr show from the Hawklords and the recording quality is near studio standard. Highly recommended!
Uploaded 23/02/2010
Download Turner and Bainbridge - Orange Street Club, Canterbury, 27/09/2008
71MB Turner, Bainbridge, Powell
The night before the Calvert Memorial, Nik and Harvey played a totally improvised gig with Powell's assistance on guitar - features highly improvised versions of Coded Languages, Psi Power, Mutuation Zone along with several languid and roaming jams. Terrific to hear such a laid back and intimate performance like this.
Many thanks to Captain Deli for the upload.
Uploaded 30/06/2011
Download Pink FA - Dirty Water Club, Boston Arms, Tufnel Park, London, 16/05/2008
61MB I am unsure of the complete line up here, but certainly Terry Ollis and Nik Turner complement a version of the Pink Fairies in a Pinkwind/Hawkfaries get together that features Brainstorm and Ejection, along with a brace of Fairies standards and I saw here standing there - all very entertaining!
Many thanks to Captain Deli for the upload.
Uploaded 20/01/2013
Download Space Ritual - Nexus, Southampton, 05/05/
168MB Turner, Ollis, Slattery, Crimble, Anderson, Ollis jr, Greves, Miss Angel
SR play a set of over 2 hours to a criminally small audience. The band's languid treatment of several back catalogue numbers may not be to everyone's taste, but the more the merrier I say. This is an tip top recording with numbers that would turn up on the fantastic & underated 'Otherworld' album.
Many thanks to Captain Deli for the upload.
Uploaded 28/11/2010
Download Nik Turner and Spaceseed, Court Tavern, New Brunswick, NJ 06/10/2004
89MB From the Friends and Relations box this month we welcome Spaceseed. Nik has a habit of invading budding space rock bands like a virus and morphing them into a Hawkwind covers act, but Spaceseed make a decent fist of a set consisting of the usual suspects here. There are also a couple of numbers from the One Eyed Bishops, with Nik guesting too. Spaceseed went onto produce a damn fine album with Harvey Bainbridge. All good fun.
Many thanks to Captain Deli for the upload.
Uploaded 23/08/2010
Download Huw Lloyd Langton - Pyramids, Portsmouth, 27/04/2004
39MB Huw Lloyd Langton
From the Friends and Relations box this month, Huw recorded acoustic and solo in a support slot to the Hawks. A great recording, Huw chilled out and chatting with the audience. Shows just how great a player HLL really is. Thanks must go to Huw and Marion for permission to distribute this fine recording!
Many thanks to Captain Deli for the upload.
Uploaded 31/10/2010
Download Space Ritual - Canterbury Fayre, Mount Ephraim, 23/08/2002
50MB Turner, Slattery, Crimble, Anderson, Ollis (sr & jr), Hewitt, Rhubarb, Hawkman, + dancers
A decent recording from the small but lovely Canterbury Fayre. Features Blue Train by Coltrane and (allegedly) The Sunshine Special, an early Hawkwind Jam. This recorded during SR / Hawks descent into legal battles, and, be warned, Nik is in a slightly annoyed mode about it all.
Many thanks to Captain Deli for the upload.
Uploaded 05/05/2013
Download The Bevis Frond - Le Cat, Bordeaux, France, 08/04/2002
115MB Line up:- Saloman, Shaw, Simmonds, Fenton.
From the "Friends & Relations" box this month is the Frond. For those of you unaware, the Frond is where Adrian Shaw has been lurking for many years. The band of course is Nick Saloman's, and are caught here on a crystal clear soundboard recording on the "What Did for Dinosaurs" tour. If you've never heard the Frond, check this out - you will not be disappointed!
Many thanks to Captain Deli for the upload.
Uploaded 15/05/2010
Download Gong - Canterbury Sounds Festival, Mount Ephraim Gardens, 30/07/2000
67MB No nod to Hawkwind's friends and contemporaries would be complete without a word from the Pot Headed Pixies, but perversely I have chosen a recording without Tim Blake - technical glitches reduce the opening number of this set to an instrumental, but from there on Daevid Allen is in full swing. A terrific set, in support to Caravan on the day.
Many thanks to Captain Deli for the upload.
Uploaded 30/03/2011
Download Huw Lloyd-Langton - Interview on Radio Free Saskatoon
20MB Huw Lloyd-Langton
Description by Jeff Swick:
Some years ago while doing Radio Free Saskatoon, I arranged through Marion to do a telephone interview with Huw. What started of as two people talking to each other turned instead to two people speaking WITH each other. It starts off kind of clumsy as we get a feel for each other but opens up as we get a feel for each other, This was conducted in the early 2000's (doesn't THAT sound odd today in 2013). We covered many topics and Huw was very patient with his answers to my questions and also to fans questions submitted through the Hawkwind Yahoo Group.
This is the raw unedited tape except I've cut out the show promos that Huw cut for me at the end. Also the final edit of the program had much of Huw's music and none of that is included here. I had mixed feelings about making this available but Huw was such a compelling speaker that I've asked Marion for her express permission to offer this for download via The Yellow Rat.
Many thanks to Jeff Swick for the upload.
Uploaded 02/02/2013
Download Nik Turner and Space Ritual - Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan 17/03/1996
148MB Line up:- Turner, House, Detmar, Powell, Del Rio, Grenas, Fox, Shelly, La Belle
An excellent sound recording from SR from their Japanese tour in 1996 - notable for versions of never/rarely played Hawks numbers 'Kadu Flyer', 'Dying Seas', 'Opa-Loka' - also features Calvert's 'Lord of the Hornets' and a brace of classic Hawks. Nik's band are supplemented by ex Hawks House, Detmar & Powell and backed by the band US Space band 'Pressurehed'. A great performance - A terrific gig!
Many thanks to Captain Deli for the upload.
Uploaded 08/02/2010
Download International Hostage Release Day Benefit 02/09/1991
51MB Bainbridge, Langton, Chadwick, Mulo
An intriguing item - a set with a mixture of Hawks material, Mulo band, and improvisations. Compelling jams by the ex-hawks here, including some poems by Harvey. Features jammed versions of Coded Languages, Lost Chronicles & Dreaming City, among others. Richard is sadly lost in the mix, below the percussion of Mulo - but what a terrific bootleg! A must have.
Many thanks to Captain Deli for the upload.
Uploaded 31/12/2010
Download Agents of Chaos - Blowinghouse Fayre, Mithian, Cornwall 06/08/1988
116MB Line up:- Brock, Bainbridge, Richards, Mills, Hardy, Copeland, Kelsall.
The Blowinghouse Fayre was part of the Aktivator series of festivals during the Summer of 1988 and was held in a park in Mithian, Cornwall. The lightshow was a combination of 'Black Cat' and 'Crystal Ship Lightshow' and was awesome, with not a piece of canvas left unilluminated.
Many thanks to Rob Dreamworker for the upload.
Uploaded 19/03/2010
Download Dave Brock and the Agents of Chaos - Armada Rock Festival Banstaple 30/07/1988
46MB Line up:- Brock, Bainbridge, Richards, Mills, Hardey, Bannister, Copeland and Kelsall
The overachieving Dave Brock went out with members of the Hawks and Tubilah Dog in 88/89 and played some dates as AOC (sometimes referred to as 'Hawkdog'). The set consisted of a mixture of Hawks, Dog and other covers. This is a pretty decent recording and includes Zappa's 'City of Tiny Lights' and Floyds 'Lucifer Sam'. Included in the band is of course Hawk in the making Jerry Richards. The band sound a little under rehearsed, but clearly all involved are having a great time!
Many thanks to Captain Deli for the upload.
Uploaded 26/02/2010
Download Bob Calvert - Acid Daze, Queenshall, Leeds, 12th Dec 1987
46MB Bob Calvert, Jaime Cortinas, Lugi Michael, Arron Phillips (and others?)
I believe this was the Acid Daze 2 gig. I got the line up by Googling; apologies if I've left anyone out!
Many thanks to Jonathan Smith for the upload.
Uploaded 23/08/2013
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Download 3
Hawkwind - Acid Daze Festival, Finsbury Park, London, 23rd August 1987
Pink Fairies - Acid Daze Festival, Finsbury Park, London, 23rd August 1987
Dr and the Medics - Acid Daze Festival, Finsbury Park, London, 23rd August 1987
96/40/66MB Hawkwind / Pink Fairies / Dr & the Medics
This was the very first time I saw the Hawks - and what a day! Playing in a 'super tent' in Finsbury Park - just the day before I had seen Bon Jovi, Dio & Metallica at Donington - what a different and better experience this was! Each band had great sound and the line up was stellar (GBOA, Ozric Tentacles, Naz Nomad - or the Damned as they are better known). Included here, in the spirit of 'Friends and Relations', are the sets from the Fairies and Dr & The Medics. Check out the panicked ad-libing of the Dr at the beginning of their set, during sudden technical difficulties! What a showman! Their set includes their recent number one hit single 'Spirit in the Sky'. I remember the Hawks set having the best laser show I have seen and the band each having face paint that only appeared when they were illuminated with ultra violet light. Trippy. A sublime set is topped with guest appearances on the encore by Dumpy and Lemmy.
Many thanks to Captain Deli for the upload.
Uploaded 18/04/2010
Download Snorkwind - New Age Fayre, Oxford, 05/05/1986
52MB Bainbridge, Langton, Davey, Thompson
The mid 80's line up sneak out for a gig without daddy. What is terrific here is how great a front man HLL really is, taking on all the guitar and vocal himself. Some wonderful jammed versions of All Along the Watchtower and Brainstorm among others.
Many thanks to Captain Deli for the upload.
Uploaded 05/10/2011
Download Tim_Blake - Hippodrome, Paris Nov 1977
49MB Tim Blake
Recorded in the period before Tim's joining the Hawks, this short set features an earlier version of Lighthouse. Tim was working in a similar vein to Jean Michel Jarre at this stage, and it is clear to see why the Captain thought he would fit right into the Hawks. I can't seem to trace the exact date on this recording, but it sounds very good.
Many thanks to Captain Deli for the upload.
Uploaded 31/12/2010
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